About Us

Sustain-A-Grain is led by Brandon Kaufman and Brandon Schlautman. Kaufman has spent the past 5 years transitioning his farm from conventional farming practices to regenerative practices. Schlautman is a plant breeder who specializes in perennial crops. 

Together, Brandon and Brandon are learning how to grow Kernza® in newer, more regenerative ways.  For example, we are growing Kernza® in intercrops with alfalfa to reduce our dependence on conventional nitrogen fertilizer. We are also using rotational grazing to further improve the holistic and regenerative nature of the crops on our farm.

We are seeking partners to share this new grain with consumers around the US. Agriculture needs perennial grain crops, like Kernza®, to sequester carbon and to protect and improve the soil and water resources that we – and generations of people living centuries from now – depend on for our well-being. Please help us tell this story and make it reality.

Worms in Kernza®

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The Land Institute interviews Brandon Kaufman about Sustain-A-Grain and our connection with Kernza® perennial grain.

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