Partnering with farmers to grow and distribute Kernza®

The big question

What is Kernza®?

Kernza® is the grain harvested from a perennial grass species (Thinopyrum intermedium), a close relative of wheat, that is being domesticated at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. It can be used like wheat as a flour or whole grain to add a unique flavor to a variety of baked and brewed products. Compared to annual wheat, Kernza® provides multiple ecosystem services like enhanced soil health, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, carbon retention, reduced nitrate leaching, and cleaner water.

A close-up of Kernza® grain
About Sustain-A-Grain

Promoting sustainable agricultural practices in central Kansas

We are seeking partners to share this new grain with consumers around the US, and more importantly, to help us tell the story about why agriculture needs perennial grain crops like Kernza®. The evidence is clear that perennial crops have the potential to protect and improve the soil and water resources that we as farmers - and generations of people living centuries from now - depend on for our well-being.

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